Dominated and bred by this beauty

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Megan Lopez

Met Megan last summer in Milan. Went to her place which was cozy she offered me a drink and told her that i am submissive bottom and wanted her to take control during sex, she replied by saying come and suck my cock bitch which i did immediately then she left my head and spits in my mouth then shoved her cock in my mouth then she made me lick her balls and eat her amazing and delicious hole then she took to the bed and on the edge of of it she spread my ass cheeks and ate my hole and fingered me then kept asking me you want my cock bitch you want me to pound your ass slut and i kept begging yes yes . Then she entered me and started fucking me hard and fast for at least 20 minutes before pulling out and cumming on my face and mouth and told not lick it or whip it she said a faggot looks sexier with cum covering his face. We went for drink then she got hard again and i rode her cock and kept bouncing till she came inside me then i sucked her cock clean and she started pissing in my mouth and I drank it all. Then we took a shower. I left feeling the happiest guy ever. My only mistake that i booked her for 2 hours not all night. Guys don't miss being control by her

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Beyond my dreams

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Spit piss

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Megan Lopez

Er i: Trieste, Italien
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