A goddess

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Ana Livia di Caprio

I called her and we met. When I arrived at the doorstep I called again and she led me up. There behind the door Ana Livia was waiting for me.

She was wearing heels, white garter stockings, white underwear, all of her white purity. She welcomed me and I went crazy, standing there with the jacket hanging over the arm.

I left the jacket around, we continued and the thing got hotter. She asked me if I wanted to take a shower or if I came clean. I told her that I just showered. We went to the room and she told me to leave my clothes there, and go for the dining room.

There we kissed each other passionately, sucking tits, then he started sucking me. After a while, she told me to get on all four on the couch, and ate my ass for a while. Then she made me get up, take out her cock and made me suck it. She made me choke on it. Then we played with the two cocks together and then we went to the room to fuck.

In the room we started with mutual French in shifts, 69. Then she slowly began to put it in, waiting for my ass to expand and get used to her cock. Then a little more and so, until I had it all inside. She was fucking for quite a while in various positions, until we changed roles and I fucked her. Then I told her to change again, and to fuck my face. I wanted to cum like this, jerking and her giving it to me. I came like a fountain.

I cleaned myself, and we went to the dining room to drink some coke, and I took the opportunity to smoke a cigar, after asking permission. But the cigar had not yet finished, before Ana was asking for war again. I threw the cigar in the ashtray and started again with mutual French on the couch, one sitting and the other standing, and we returned to the room, then more of the same, fucking each other, on all four, sideways, face...

We continue fucking, changing positions several times, until she fucked me. She took off her condom and came on my balls, and I also came at the same time.

She is a beauty of a woman, a super good person and very morbid in sex.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Much better than expected.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

All and more.

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I will do it over and over again.

Time and place of the experience

May 2017.

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Ana Livia di Caprio

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