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  • Storlek
    14x4 cm
  • Ålder
    23 år
  • Höjd
    - cm
  • Vikt
    - kg
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    engelska, tysk
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Hi I am Bailey, a German TRANSgirl with an incredibly female perfect TEEN body, which every woman is free from envy! :)

My voice is 100% female and horny. I can guarantee you a firm, perfectly formed young KNACKARSCH like you've never seen before. My big D breasts are perfectly shaped. I am a very clean and well-groomed girl who always wears elegant perfumes and always irresistibly smells. I have endless long (95cm) legs and absolutely soft and delicate skin. I expect you in stockings with absolutely horny lingerie. I am very keen on the neat clean guest, who appreciates a special girl like me. I love tender kisses, cuddling, position 69, to blow you pleasure NATURE while I look you in the eyes, there is not much the hornier is to be taken away from you, preferably from the back, but also from the front while my legs Your body, and we kiss each other with pleasure, while I look deep into your eyes. I'm very much injecting it, if you fuck me FUCK. My groans will rob you of the senses. And if you want I can also pamper you with my 14x4 girl cock ...
So, what are you waiting for?! Trust me and call me! Why should you be satisfied with the usual more or less female trans from all over the world, if you can have ME, the perfect GIRLIE with EXTRA!

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