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*) Monique is also known as: Giselle

  • Endowment
    20 cm
  • Alter
    24 years
  • Height
    175 cm
  • Weight
    69 kg
  • Type
  • Nationality
  • Languages
    English, Spanish
  • Social Media
  • Receives

Who said that perfection does not exist? Here you have in live and in full color. What you see in pictures is what you see then when you arrive and see me,without deception.

Incredible doll made reality comes to the city of Greece by 1st time ”Queen Monique” blonde of scandal with perfect measures, tanned skin, large breasts, ass that will make you become delirious of pleasure and super feminine with a delicious cock of 20cms between the legs waiting for you to come and should taste it as you want. I receive you very shocking from the feet to the head and much better that in the pictures, i invite you to check it in live. I really enjoy my work and that is why i offer a good service to all my clients both experts as to beginners of all the ages. With me will feel your money well invested, I know what costs win the money today, so with me you will have guarantee of a wonderful stay.

I offer all this services (I am very honestly and in very good condition of health,so thanks for your understanding):
- Kisses with tongue......... (if your mouth is very clean)
- Natural Blowjob.......... (if you have your dick clean and with good smell is OK, But if you are sweated or have cheese in your dick please better take a shower before)
- Natural 69........(if you have your dick clean)
- Lick your ass & balls......(Good shower before this service please)
- Domination
- Massage with happy finish
- Cloth dressing for you
- Hot Parties
- Golden Shower.......(i do this service in the bathroom & have an extra price)
- Fisting........(i do this if you make a good shower before the service)
- Finish in your mouth or face.......(of course but this have an extra price)

I offer an excellent service only for gentlemen with an impeccable hygiene: wash mouth, cock washed with soap, ass washed with soap, armpits without the onion odor. Please have consideration and respect to my person, I am a person of impeccable hygiene and i don't like porks, in this case exist the Zoo. I do not become responsible for providing a low level service if you are not in good conditions of hygiene. My luxury apartment has clean towels, shower gel, listerine and deodorant for use before the service for when you leave work. Thank you very much for your understanding.

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