Roberta Lima

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  • Endowment
    21x6 cm
  • Age
    27 years
  • Height
    178 cm
  • Weight
    66 kg
  • Type
  • Nationality
  • Languages
    English, Spanish, Portuguese
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Hello Welcome , I'm Roberta Lima.

Hmmm ... what can I tell you about me? As you can see by my pictures (always present) trans am a beautiful curves and delicate skin and a cock of 21x6 cm.

I 'm a healthy girl, who controls my health and I demand no less of you. But do not stay only with my physical, but not with what you see in the photos: I am affectionate, sensual, intelligent and friendly service. But that's not all , there are many more things you'll have to discover for yourself that are not available to everyone. How do you feel me? Infatuation? I have been chiseled to be the perfect lover, your playmate, your girlfriend. I imagine us in a pleasant conversation, looking, touching, luring...

I want men who can conquer my body, my soul, my feelings... naive and tantalizing that smile, that sparkle in our eyes to make us abandon the one at other and enjoy an accomplice sex without taboos. We imagine embraced, our lips a few inches and knowing that this will be the last step to open Pandora's box , to the temptation of our bodies. Do you feel lust, passion? Can I become pure fire and you will be mud I'll molding while you melt to different stimuli that go feeling but who plays with fire, just burning and that feeling will remain etched forever in you and pursue you , not abandon you as I look in your eyes. Can you be with other women , but the memory will live on in you.

Any further questions? Call me and check my naturalness, because it comes down to ad or photographs. Hearing my voice, share my sympathy and trust that you will attend Letting go and professionally your questions and suggestions. Open 24 hours a floor comfort and discreet.

I have only one maxim: treat me how you want to be treated and live an unforgettable experience. Do not imagine, do not dream, do reality. Besitos

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