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I'm a young, self centered, dominant, open minded woman with many interests. My world revolves around me and so will yours. I love shopping and I can always find a place to spend your cash at any time of the day. I insist on getting my way. I get pleasure out of controlling my slaves bank accounts and credit cards. I love going on vacations that you pay for. I enjoy the control that I have over my slaves. Teasing someone until they squirm in their frilly little panties makes me grin. Large tributes get me excited. I love pushing buttons and expanding horizons. I can’t resist taking advantage of the money slaves that open their wallets to me. Oh, and I love to laugh at your expense and be entertained.

Financial Domination & Money Slavery with Goddess Annika Financial Domination & Money Slavery with Goddess Annika Financial Domination & Money Slavery with Goddess Annika Financial Domination & Money Slavery with Goddess Annika.

I like to try anything new, which has helped me discover what I like and dislike. My BDSM experience began as soon as I discovered it. (Who knew there was a meaning for how I treated my boyfriends?) I prefer slaves that are a little more advanced, or at least willing to try anything I want. I am very particular in who I will accept as my slave, as expected. I won’t waste energy on a submissive that does not interest me. I am here to be pleased and you are here to please. Make sure you remember your place. You will have to work hard to entertain my greed, amuse me, and mold into my perfect little slave boy or girl. My time is valuable and can only be attained through dedication. I do things at my leisure and for my pleasure.

I expect all or nothing from my male servants.

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Age-Endowment (cm)

- Basic servicesactivepassive
- Hardcore servicesactivepassive
Fisting (anal)UnnownUnnown
Golden showerUnnownUnnown
- GFE servicesactivepassive
French kissingUnnown 
Dinner dateUnnown 
- Dominance servicesactivepassive
- Other servicesactivepassive

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