Part 2 with Isabella to be followed by parts 3,4 and 5 in future

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Isabella BIGCOCK24cm

This is the second time I have met Isabella. I was welcomed into her flat and paid for half an hour. I also brought a pair of over the knee boots for Isabella to wear which I am glad to say fitted perfectly. I can confirm that she has a really big cock that is really hard, and this is where I start to struggle I am only 5.3ft tall verses a shemale who is well over 6ft. More to the point I have a very small, tight asshole and trying to take that huge cock is a struggle. This is not a negative complaint against Isabella its just reality. She is not a clock watcher, she has always had time and patience for me in fact she was kind enough to help me with another issue that I had which I will not disclose, the point is she could have said I don't have to get involved. Regarding her photos it is obviously the same person in all the photos and I can confirm they are off the person you meet, but I would say the photo which she has her hand under the chin is the best of them all. For me personally when she puts her cock into my ass it hurts to the point of being uncomfortable but to be fair I do tend to tighten up at the last minute as she inserts it into me, but again I should add that it was without preparing my ass first by putting a small dildo inside me before I tried to take her cock. If anyone is reading this review who has not been with a shemale before and was wondering who to pick for there first time, you should pay Isabella a visit, you will not be disappointed she is a really nice person. I will be visiting Isabella again and I will be preparing my ass before she penetrates me so I should be more successful at taking it deep inside me. She is currently with her friend Angelina who has also fucked me really well the previous time. I will finish by saying that both Isabella and Angelina are comparable to the superstars like Mia Isabella but they do not charge over the top rates.

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5 stars because it is deserved.

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London. Liverpool street. 2018

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