She looks great but I unfortunately had a bad experience

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Bionda Carioca

First review ever, bad experience which is unfortunate because she looks great, just like her pictures. Definitely not 25 cm but a good size. Bionda has some serious scheduling issues. The first time I saw her was great until about halfway through our time when she started texting and calling other people, then offered me a threesome with another girl which I agreed to and left as soon as the other one came, except she definitely wasn't a girl and sent myself out right away.

I attempted again for some reason because the little time we had before was actually quite enjoyable, but when I arrived I waited about ten minutes before she let me in. She asked if i wanted a threesome, I said I'd have to see, and then brought me back to a room where a I guy I WATCHED WALK IN 5 minutes before was laying. We both shook our heads immediately.
Surprisingly she gave me my money back for agreeing to come back in 10 (YES 10) minutes. I did not go back.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Not at all, except for looks, not that I got to enjoy that though

Did you get anything not on the menu?


Did she deny you anything on her menu?

I guess

Time and place of the experience


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Bionda Carioca

Is in: Hamburg, Germany
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