She gave me great anal sex

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After a chat on the phone with her we agreed to meet in her hotelroom in Rotterdam. I was gonna be passive and she was gonna be active. She said she had a slight preference for being active (though I think that's an understatement).

The hotel was only 2 or 3 minutes away from the train station. Chloe looked gorgeous. As beautiful as on the photos, if not more beautiful. Very pretty feminine face and hot body. Sometimes when I meet a TS you can see, usually in the face, some hints of her "previous life" if you know what I mean. But with Chloe I was unable to find any of that... that is, until I went between her legs. She has a very big, but beautiful, rock hard, slightly up-curved cock.

I started sucking it, and it grew larger in my mouth. After a while she gave me some oral pleasure in return. She then directed me to the edge of the bed. I was to go on my hands and my knees and she stood right behind me. Carefully and slowly she squeezed her large cock inside my ass. No pain! She was very careful. After she was completely inside she slowly started fucking me. It felt amazing. She filled me up completely and her cock reached so deep inside me. She pushed my shoulders down. She wanted me with my knees and shoulders on the bed, rather than knees and hands. She likes that view. We changed a lot of positions that night, but this was definitely the one she used most. She started off slowly but after about a minute she started to fuck hard. Very hard. And deep.

She also fucked me in missionary (my personal favourite, especially with larger cock), we also did cowgirl and reverse cowgirl and she also put me against the wall and fucked me while I was standing. We also did the spoon position. Inbetween all these positions she usually directed me to the edge of the bed where she fucked my ass in doggy. Hard. Everytime we switched she carefully and slowly inserted her cock into my asshole. Despite the rough ass fucking she was very careful with me throughout the night. And if I needed more lube she would give it.

I don't know how she did this, but the fast paced fucking... she kept that up for two hours(!). She didn't get tired or cum too soon. I had a very powerful orgasm at the end of the session. She was amazing. I was also very exhausted at the end of it.

It was a great session. The best I ever had. I hope she comes back to the Netherlands some day. Aside from the great sex, Chloe also seemed to be very kind and sweet and a very nice person.

Did she live up to your expectations?

She surpassed them. Best anal ever.

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Did she deny you anything on her menu?

No she seems very open minded

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Chloe is a beauty. And I think she really loves having sex. She gave me wonderful sex. Her cock is large, but she didn't hurt me. She filled me up really well and made great use of her cock. Very intense session. Loved it. She seems very kind and likeable as a person too.

Time and place of the experience

Rotterdam 17 March 2018

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*) Chloe is also known as: Khloe and Dahiana

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