Bella looks exactly as her photos

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Bella looks exactly as she does in her pictures, 100% accurate. Unfortunately her service is not very good. Once I was welcomed in I was left waiting for the best part of an hour while she went in to another room, while I had a shower the towels weren’t fresh, there was no mouthwash either. It was a particularly hot day and I wasn’t even offered refreshments, I had to ask, after 20 minutes she goes to the kitchen sink and rinses out a dirty glass and fills it with tepid tap water for me. I booked for 2 hours but only got half an hour with her. After I was finished she had another appointment and asked me to leave, she said I could come back after an hour if I wanted and gave me some of my money back. Very cold and distant

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Did you get anything not on the menu?

I didn’t even get what was on the menu, so no

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Very disappointing

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London, 2 months ago

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