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Gabriela Ferrari

In Garbriela's case what you see is exaxtly what you get. She looks really nice in her pictures, but she is even prettier when you see her in person. Saw her about two weeks ago after easily arranging an appointment. Her flat was clean and tidy and so was she. After taking a quick shower we started cuddling and kissing on the bed. She is lovely and smells nice and she is an excellent kisser. Her cock is big and remained hard throughout our meeting. She seems to enjoy what she is doing and she like both the active and the passive role. I fucked her missionary but stoped when I was about to cum, then she asked me if she could fuck me, and so she did. She took me doggy style and after the initial pain (she is big) I started moaning in lust. I came without touching myself which is odd for my standards. I wanted her to cum too, but couldn't afford to pay extra.

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She does everything she says and she is really proffesional in what she is doing

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August 5 Athens 2018

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Gabriela Ferrari

Is in: Rome, Italy
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