She took my virginity with her massive cock

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I texted Kimora and after awhile she answered, I could meet her with in the hour. I came to her apartment and was greeted by a beautiful black lady, she is tall and strong. When I came in she guided me to here bare nipples which were great. She made me feel her cock in her panties and it is massive. I was very trouble with how big it was. But she made start sucking her big cock with her laying on her back on the bed. She choked me with her cock several times, it was so black and big and so beautiful to look at and tasted great. When she was feeling hard enough she said: it’s time to fuck you. So she told me to stand on the edge of the bed in doggy position, she lubed me up and tried to enter me quite fast and it hurt like a bitch. I wanted to end it there but she changed my mind and I couldn’t walk away from that beautiful cock, so she turn me on my back and layed my legs on her shoulder and really slowly started to enter my virgin ass, in the same time she told me how she was fucking me and I couldn’t believe it but after a while her hole cock was inside of me. It was a strange feeling between pain and pleasure. She then started to say I was her bitch now and she kept fucking me harder and harder I started to be to loud so she put my hand over my mouth and fucked me even harder. I couldnt keep myself from cumming but she kept going using her hole massive black cock on me. Then I could feel her keep up the pace even more and all of the sudden she shoved it even longer then I felt before. She cummed inside me and she fell exhausted over me with her cock still inside me. She clean both of us up and told me to get back really soon because she love me tight unused ass. When I was walking home I was feeling that I miss her cock inside me, I will be back.

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Yes I told her to fuck me and she sure did

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Stockholm 9/8 2018

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