Domination with cum all over my face!

Review by: Johnny
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Met up in Lebanon last year while on vacation. Very polite and sweet, she even drove to pick me up. In the car we talked a lot and she made me feel very comfortable. We went to her apartment and then started to kiss, she asked what I like and I told her that she can do whatever she wants with me. I was lucky cause I wanted to get fucked and thats exactly what she did. She likes being active also she is very clean and safe. I started sucking her nice big dick for a while and then it became rock hard she started slapping me with it. After that, I was on all fours and she penetrated my ass......OH MY GOD..... it was amazing, after a while my asshole was wide open and she was spanking me hard and treating me like a whore. She was calling me a bitch the whole time and atelling me "Take it you little Charmout!" I said do whatever you want with my ass I dont care! then she fucked me in different positions for about an hour . At the end on missionary position she took the condom off and blasted a huge load of cum everywhere on my face, then she puts another condom and fucked me more!!! I couldn't believe it that she was still fucking me after she came!!! Then while she was on top she lifted my legs so my dick is close to me and made me take all my cum as well all over my face. I felt like I was in a porn movie or something! Highly recommended

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Yes. And even more!

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Just be a gentleman when you contact her. She is a very polite girl and a woman with class

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March 2017 Lebanon

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