Lovely girl with a super thick cock

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Isabella BIGCOCK24cm

I finally could meet Isabella after seeing her many times in the city and checking her reviews.

Comfy and easy to find flat, fortunately with a great A/C machine in the bedroom.

Isabella met me with a nice smile and dressed with latex and thigh boots as I asked for. Beautiful face and smile, tall and in good shape.

Focusing on the action, an awesome cock, fantastic in lenght and surprisingly extra thick. She seems to be truly more active and dominant than anything else and seems to enjoy seeing passive men taking a good fuck and being dominated, which is appreciated since, like most of us, I am only passive.

Concrete hard cock after sucking her on my knees, I told her to feel free to dominate me as she really wanted (only certain red lines). Lot of positions, face fuck and verbal abusing. Took her time for the first minutes before I was used to her thickness, so after the first minutes it was a total pleasure and let her totally take the control of the rhythm and depth.

After a good fuck I wanted to taste the juice of that wonderful cock, she removed the condom and after some jerking she came on my mouth and chin. It was a super cumshot, plenty of cum , and tasted good, super exciting.

I found her to be very polite and friendly before and after the session, so I did not feel uncomfortable at all even after cumming, I could share some experiences and thoughts with her before leaving which was great.

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If you are passive and you like big cock shemales, it is a safe bet, totally recommended.

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Summer 4 August 2018 Athens

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