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I have visited Isabelle many times before, "and I'll keep up with it as long as it's possible. Until I met her, I'd been with several trans girls, but now it's only her who does the trick. A 5 star scale is a mockery of women of her caliber, it must be infinite for her to be judged reasonably. Every time I've visited her, I've fallen in love with her, with the feeling of having the world's best sex that could not be overcome. Nevertheless, she surprised me next time with new imaginative, amazing, orgasmic sex pleasures that I did not think possible. She is simply an explosion of pleasure. Of course, that applies to sex, but also her amazing beautiful and very feminine appearance, as well as her warm and compassionate personality. I just can not get enough of her, miss her when she's gone and look forward to seeing her again.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Much more than that.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Much more than that.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Have always just given her money in full conviction that I would be completely happy when I went away. She never fails

Comment to the rating

***** 5 stars for giving the best sexIi can imagine. She surpasses my imagination ***** 5 stars for being the most beautiful woman. ***** 5 stars for having the most beautiful and warm personality

Time and place of the experience

Randers and Aalborg

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Is in: Barcelona, Spain
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*) Isabella is also known as: Lola, Carina, Laisa, Mette, Valentina, Simona, Katalina, Azelia and Vanessa

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