Karina is hot and horny

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Karina Becker

It was a thing that I wanted to do. Often distant it had become a bit of an obsession. Then there was the conflicting reactions had always left me rather perplexed. The fact is that I trust my instincts and meet her at Imola. Apartment in a building not too modern but, as you say, you are not here for the apartment.
What to say. For me she is beautiful and horny like few. Initially distant, we break the ice and do bj - mutual and fuck in various positions. It was really a whirlwind of passion, clinging like dying to kiss and fuck ... a really good experience and she, besides being beautiful in my opinion, was also a pleasant surprise ... at the end we talk about tattoos and ways to erase them, a pity that I had to go ... Now I saw that she is in Forlì ... maybe a jump that does not happen again ... but I know that there is still a bit 'here around ruin me ... I love Karina, you're a catch.

Did she live up to your expectations?

For me she is beautiful and horny like few

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You did everything

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Karina Becker*)

Is in: Valencia, Spain
Latest of 7 reviews: Perfect girl with a massive tool

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*) Karina Becker is also known as: Karen Becker, King Candy, Megan and Megen

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