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Giulietta Borges

She greeted me with a smile and a kiss then we went into the bedroom and she offered me to use the bathroom. The atmosphere was relax and she was talkative and smiling all the time, she made me feel calm and happy I was there.

We sat on the bed and started kissing and slowly playing with each other, I licked her beautiful tits while I stroked her cock which was already very hard and big 🤤 then she sat that amazing ass on my face while she sucked and played with my already hard felt amazing while I ate her ass.

She then asked me if I wanted to get fucked which I was begging for, she got me on all fours and slid into my ass with that beautiful cock and began to like me slow then fast and hard it was so good I couldn’t take it and lay face first on the bed hoping to get a second, but my queen wasn’t waiting and quickly pinned me down and thrust into my ass while I bite hard on the pillow, It was rough but so good. She then turned me onto my back but my legs on her shoulders and pinned me to the bed while fucking me so deeply I think I seen heaven.

She then pulled off her condom and stared to stroke her cock hard I wasn’t missing out on that cum and she unloaded it all over my face and in my mouth and it tasted beautiful. I lay on my back with her cum dripping cock still in my mouth and came all over myself.

Best sexual experience of my life and all in 30 mins...Amazing

Did she live up to your expectations?

Beyond all expectations

Did you get anything not on the menu?

A glimpse of heaven

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See the description she was amazing

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7pm UK 2018

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Giulietta Borges

Är i: Southampton, Storbritannien
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