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Giulietta Borges

My meeting finished early today in Edinburgh and I had 3 hours to kill before my train back south.

After a quick look on certain sites and then on this site to get a review, I chose to give Giulietta a call.

Now Brasillian girls are reknown for thier beauty and absolute fabulous figures.. when I saw the plethora of photos of Giulietta on here I thought WOW!... but will we be able to communicate..

I dialed the number and she answered the phone in a friendly uplifting voice.. Her English was perfect. She told me that she available straight away and which area of Edinburgh she resided.
She texted me a postcode and within 30-40 mins I was knocking on her door.

She opened the door and stood behind it as I eagarly stormed through.. The door closed and standing behind was Giulietta.
She greeted me with the biggest smile and a kiss. The Hall way was candle lit and she guided me to the candle lit bedroom.
We exchanged some small talk and she asked me if I wanted a shower.
The place was spotless and very homely
I had my shower and we began by having me having a massage.. Done right massages are the horniest thing ever.. They can build you both up to an erotic state of arousal. After 10 minutes I felt her cock rubbing against me.. she took my hand and guided it onto her cock.. Oh wow!! It was huge.. nice and thick too. She was so aroused and this was getting me even harder too.
She turned me around and started sucking gently on my balls. I was lying on the bed and she’s on top.. her cute ass arching in the air. Her cock is rock hard by this stage and we are both getting turned on by the moment. We both practiced safe sex so she put a condom on my cock and on hers.. We swivelled into a 69 where she sucked me expertly, as she guided her big tool into my mouth. She gently fucked my mouth as she sucked my cock. There were a few deepthroat moments which were so erotic.. I removed her Cock from my mouth and licked her balls. My tongue made its way onto her ass.. I was staring right at it.. Wow what a peach.. my tongue wanted it so bad.. i tilted my head a little a my tongue darted in their with a passion. Her hole was so tight I just wanted to stay there. She moaned as I inserted it a deeper.. my hands all over her balls and cock.. I’m in heaven.

I felt myself twitching.. I didn’t want to come yet.. She whispers to me.. “Do you want me to fuck you?”
“Oh yes please” I said like a little sub boy.
She put me on all fours. Changed her condom swiftly and lubed me up. She gently put herself inside me.. I groaned she groaned.. starting at a slow pace it worked itself a pash. She turned around and looked me in eyes and whispered something which I’m going keep to myself.. but was such a turn on.
She bent my legs and I was holding them up for deeper penetration. Oh wow.. she knows how to fuck..We went back to doggy where she came inside me.. (in her condom)
She composed herself and moved herself over to my cock. She lay across me so I could all of her wonderful body.. Her perky breasts and cock (still quite thick and semi after cumming) was on show for me to touch and admire.

She starts wanking me slowly and i manouvered her ass above my mouth.

I knew this was going to do this for me.. if you saw her ass you would know why.
I ate her cake with all my passion. The taste, the tightness, the sight.. she wanked me harder as I probed her ass deeper with my tongue.. Her ass bobbing and shaking, maintaining my tongue inside her was enough for me go wild. I exploded... 4 full days of spunk shot out of my cock as my tongue was feeling the pulsations of her inner ass..


Breath ... wow!

She smiled.. I smiled back the biggest grin ever. She handed me some tissue and had a little clean up.

Nothing was rushed after that we chatted a lot more.. had a really good laugh.. I had a shower and chatted even more after that.. I didn’t even want to go and it seemed we would have chatted all night. (Had to catch a train back damn) she was a charming, sexually charged woman. Very intelligent and sincere.
Treat her boys and girls and she will give you the world x

Did she live up to your expectations?

Above and beyond. We clicked incredbly well.. Too well, lol

Did you get anything not on the menu?

When you have a good chef, they will make you things you never knew you would enjoy

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Absolutely not.

Comment to the rating

5 stars because how can I fault an experience like that

Time and place of the experience

2nd July 2018 - Edinburgh

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Giulietta Borges

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