The most wonderful and lovely experience ever.

Review by: Johan.
Published: 1526189332000
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I had called Amanda when I found her on this page and we agreed a time the next evening/night and immediately Amanda sent me a text. with her services and prices for an hour's SEX. incl. her SPERM in my mouth as I had ordered plus her address in Aarhus. We texted some more together before we had to meet the next day, she's really good at writing on the phone too. I took the train to Aarhus where we also wrote during the journey, and on the taxi to her, where I had previously called her and told her when I arrived. When I arrived, we called again, she just needed 15 minutes to get ready for me. Then she opened the door and welcomed me, she is really divine, she kissed me right away, and the money was no problem, but I put them on her dining table anyway. She is really nice. Then we went upstairs to the living room where there was a big corner sofa and coffee table and a double bed and she put some good music on, she told me that I should keep the clothes on, she would take care of me and I was comfortable with that. I noticed her lovely big and hard cock in her panties, i felt it through her balck panties with my hand and mouth. Then she took my clothes off while I was sitting on the couch and put it nicely together on the coffee table, my cock had gradually grown big and hard. We looked again at each other and I was so ready for what was going to start. She is very SEXY! I took her big, hard cock out over the edge of the panties and began to put it all the way down my throat, she liked that especially the dickhead, she moaned and said it was good. After that she sucked me in the same way and more, that was so beautiful and wonderful a feeling. She is beautiful. Amanda took me by the hand and we went to the double bed, where we continued the sexual action, we sat down in the 69s and moaned and groaned both of us in lust, Then I had to get fucked in a very special position by her big and tough cock, and I will promise you that this was great because I got it so i scream fuck me! fuck me! fuck me yes !, She just got lomger and longer in every time and it was just fine. Then I had to fuck her, she sat on my big and hard cock and fucked me so we both groaned after this wonderful experience I should get her cum in my mouth and I got it - a good load that I swallowed. She masturbated me while I had her cock in my mouth, suddenly I had to go to catch the last train, at that point I had also been there for 1.5 hours with this beautiful woman, we said good bye in the same way as I came and agreed that it was not to be our last meeting.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes and even more than that.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Did not read the menu, we had agreed on everything in advance.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

I did not read it.

Comment to the rating

Amanda is the best I have ever tried.

Time and place of the experience

Århus 9th of May 2018.

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