Natasha is a pure 10

Review by: daddydog
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Natasha Uscocobich

Natasha came to the door and blew me away immediately. She was better looking in person than in her pictures, which was hard for her to do because you can clearly see how well she photographs. She rates a 10 for hygiene as well as beauty, and ANY woman alive would be proud to be as sexy as Natasha. As for the session, it was HIGHLY enjoyable, and well worth the donation for her time and companionship. (the intimacy was worth 10 times what i paid, believe me guys!) My only problem now is i'm kinda in love with her. Don't pass it up guys- She's a 10

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If i could i'd give her 12 stars!

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March 2018 NYC

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Natasha Uscocobich

Is in: Manhattan, United States
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