Better than I deserved

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Tracy Malone

Met her in Seoul, Korea. I went to her hotel and she opened the door in lingerie. She looked nice was wearing something black and lacy. I was nervous and asked if I could take a shower first she said it was fine. I took a shower and came out of the bathroom with a towel around my waist gave her the money for 2hrs and she said asked me to lay on the bed. So I later awkwardly on the bed as she placed the money on the tv stand and strolled over to me. She asked me if this was my first time with a trans girl? I told her yeah and she said relax and started to kiss me. She was good at kissing so we started making out and I flipped her around on her back started sucking on her neck and ear which she really liked. We made out for about 5 minutes probably and slowly dry humping each other. Well she got really horny from that and asked me to fuck her. She just lubbed up my dick as she kissed me then put me inside her. So I fucked the shit out her and of course it was really good. We fucked for over 2hrs and it was really nice we just got lost in the passion. She was a really cool chick and we just had good chemistry. She asked me to cum in her which I wanted to do but I'm more of a stay hard but not easy to pop type. But we ended our night making out while jerking off. I finally came and she did too but on my chest which almost made me scream because I wasn't expecting that shit instead I just laughed. We cleaned up and she told me I could stay the night. It was raining out and getting a cab at that time of night was impossible so I eventually stayed over. We cuddle and talked until we fell asleep. I had work early that morning so I left early hugged her good bye. We hung out again just as friends and spent the day together. It was a pretty fun day out we did a lot. Went back to her hotel room and rested. It was really hard not to fuck her again. Almost did while we were spooning but I didn't want to put her in a weird position so I backed off before things got too heated. Anyways after that weekend she wanted to hang out again but I blew her off because I just didn't think it was smart for us to get mixed up with each other like that. So I kind hurt her feelings which I regret because she's super cool and we got along real well.

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10/10 girl better than I deserved

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Better than anything I could imagined

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Seoul, Korea sometime around 24.00 at a nice hotel

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Tracy Malone

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