The Special One

Review by: Ton.y
Published: 1521649532000
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Shirley McLaren

I met Shirley McLaren in Belgium in a hotel. She is really a special one. From the moment I entered her door she started kissing, caressing me all over. She pulled me on to the bed and came on top of me, heavy kissing with 100% passion. You actually feel her commitment and tenderness, really, a first class girlfriend experience. You just feel that Shirley loves sex a lot and she does it naturally, nothing is forced, you just do what you like to do knowing that she likes everything about sex. The way she kisses is incredible, it felt as the best drug ever. After kissing she licked my body all over, while I was relaxing on my back and enjoying every lick. Then we settled in position 69 and both our dicks hard as rock we brought ourselves to the climax almost at the same moment. While in 69 position it crossed my mind to fuck with her, but it felt so good that i couldn't stop. I will definitly fuck her at our next meeting. This transgender is a dream, you got to feel to believe.Excellency.

Did she live up to your expectations?

110% even much better than my expectations.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

The menu of Shirley McLaren is so good that you got to taste it bit by bit.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

No absolutely, everything came naturally, you know the definition of the word "pleasure"?

Comment to the rating

I've visited a lot of transgenders and this one is The World Cup Winner for me.

Time and place of the experience

Belgium,January 2018

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Shirley McLaren

Is in: Mechelen, Belgium
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