Cum lube! A hard pounding in Doha

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I met Bella last time she was in Doha. She was easy to contact and we exchanged photos so I knew she was real. I asked her for an hour of domination and she said sure! come on over.
40 minutes later i was in her hotel and staring at a gorgeous shemale.
We kissed a bit and then she ordered me to my knees and stuffed her big but still soft cock into my mouth. As I sucked her cock it began to grow to a huge size which she loved shoving it into my throat and gagging me. After gagging me for awhile she said turn around bitch, i'm going to fuck you to death. one look at that cock and I thought she might mean it!
Well she didn't kill me but she sure did fuck me silly. We started doggy style and she eased it in to my asshole. Although it was the thickest cock i've ever had in my ass she knew how to put it in without any pain. She pounded me in many different positions for at least 30 minutes and then with a smile pulled out and came all over my dick. I could feel my asshole was wide open and she said I told you I would fuck you hard.
She used her own cum to jerk me off to a pounding orgasm. It was awesome!

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes. I had seen her ads on shemalewiki but was a little skeptical but I took the plunge when I saw she was in Doha. boy, am I glad i did! If you are a bottom like me and crave a big thick cock to really open you up and leave you gaping, she's the one for you!

Did you get anything not on the menu?

We didn't talk about the menu but I sure got everything that i wanted

Did she deny you anything on her menu?


Comment to the rating

There is really nothing she could have done more to raise my rating. She is a really nice girl with a really big cock.

Time and place of the experience

2018 Doha

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