Rammed at lunchtime

Review by: corona
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TS Man Rammer

I met Ms Rammer last friday in Reykjavík.
She opened the door for me but I did not see her until the door closed behind me. And wow, what a woman. she stared at me for a moment, did not say a word and It was like butter in my knees, I was melting. She walked to me in her stockings and lingerie looked in my eyes and asked what I wanted from her, I started to say something but she told me to shut up, kissed me with here pinned tounge and told me that she would deside everything from here. She was nice but wery dominating at the same time, I was a bit scared and had butterflys in my stomach when she offerd me coffee and orded me to sit down at her bed, she bring me black coffee but I never tasted it she told me to get naked and get in bed, then she kisdsed me for a while and she is an able kisser, my god! then she orderd me to suck her and I have not sucked many dicks but hers is BIG and beautyful, soft and hard, thicker then Ive ever seen and tasted so nice and clean. She pounded my mouth and hold down my head and my tears was leaking down but I loved what I was doing. I hope she enjoyd it too, then it was some 69 I loved too and then she told me she wanted to fuck me. She make me hold my knees up and I tried to tell her that perhabs I could not take that big cock in me bet lucky me, she did not listen. She was inside me a few seconds later. She stayed there for a while came down and we kissed for few minutes then she started to fuck me nice and slowly, it fealt so good. She asked me if I was ready to get rammed I sad yes and then she rammed me in in many positions. I cryed for mercy and after a while she stopped and I was on my stomack with her still in me and she whisper in my ear that she could rape me whenever she want. She is right, I would never say no to her. Im in love.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Oh yes

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Dont know just did what I was told

Did she deny you anything on her menu?


Time and place of the experience

Last Friday at lunch 2018

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TS Man Rammer

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