I was delirious

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She was very nice when I call her, polite and was also very friendly when we met. She is like the photos and very clean. I meet TS girls for some years now and I am always active. I played some times with dildos by myself, but no more. I wanted very much to feel like a girl and tonight I m gonna do it.She became horny when she listen to my wishes.
She drag me to the beautiful bedroom where she began to gently embrace and kiss me, from which my mood immediately rose,and I did the same.
We spent some time there, without any rush, and then I lie down on the bed and she starts a sensoual massage. I was more and more hard as she was touching me softly but provocative. She put a finger in my ass. then two, I feel shame and lust. She starts to rub me with her body, she lick my neck and I feel her hard dick rub my ass, it was a great feeling. I want it and it shows. I was face down, she opens my legs and starts pushing her dick inside me. I felt the stiff beef filling me slowly but steadily. there was some pain at first, but the lust was incredible. when she was all inside she stayed there. I was breathing heavily I was rock hard with no touching, I feel penetrated. I was completely surrendered to her.
She starts fucking me slowly at first. I was feeling the big dick open me as I was taken doggy style, I want it more and more, I realize I was moaning very loudly, my dick was milking, she was fucking me for good. She sodomised me for 20 minutes and I loved it!!
It was obvious what I wanted in the end. She understands it and came in front of me, put me on the floor, on my knees,and put my face in front of her dick. I said "I want it all in" and start to suck her. I start to move my head faster and after a minute, she came with a big load, screaming. My mouth filled with hot cum, I let it leak outside my lips, full of pleasure, like a whore.
I fulfilled my fantasy the best possible way.Thanks to Lohany of course.I cant wait to do it again!!

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes and more...

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Yes,she gave me everything...

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

No,she gave me everything...

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Athens Greece 2017

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