Beautiful and with a lovely face and nice lips

Review by: nysgerrig
Published: 1518095029000
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Beautiful and a nice face and lovely full lips, lovely naughty kisses, massage, yes, that was not really relevant. I took her little toy in the mouth during the massage and sighed, but it was not very big and only half-hard once in a while, we had agreed that she should fuck me - but it does not work properly and then massage with the whole body and again a vain attempt to fuck. Which she apologized for - so I got myself hard and ready to fuck her and just got a blow job before I was going to start - which resulted in my splashing my cum in her mouth - which she did not quite agree with - immediately. Then after 20-25 min. I paid for an hour yes I let it go as it was. Would really like to fuck her - she did not signal for us to continue - is it's going to be tested again - yes, but then we skip her to be active and kiss and blowjob and go to anal sex for her - maybe

Did she live up to your expectations?

Looks better than in the pictures, but expectations were not met

Did you get anything not on the menu?


Did she deny you anything on her menu?

No - but i did not get any mutual analsex.

Comment to the rating

Yes we can all have an off day, so I hope that was the reason.

Time and place of the experience

8 februar 2018

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