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Alena Bent

I've been looking for Shemales for a while and it was important for me that she could speak German. The first time I became aware of models She stood out with her very different photos and description. So I've always looked for her, but did not trust me for a long time. Then at the beginning of the year it worked and I was fascinated by her on the phone. I made a date, uncertain and excited, a big, really pretty woman opened the door for me. I asked Alena? She laughed and let me come inside. Great location where she is. We talked first, super enjoyable. I learned that she is actually a Hamburg girl. After half an hour I went for a shower and she received me in a great nylon dress. My excitement was back, but then I forgot everything around me. I can only say highlight. Overall, I spent 3 hours with her, no rush. The 3 hours went by so fast, and every minute I enjoyed. I did not know how intense sex can be until now. By the way, Alena looks a lot better than in her photos. How old she is, although she said 34, but my feeling rather younger. For me the first time I was not disappointed on the contrary super positively surprised by such a nice woman who keeps everything she promised. I am glad that I went to her and not to another.

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Super service

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No she delivered on it all.

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Alena Bent

Is in: Hamburg, Germany
Latest of 4 reviews: Alana is a very special woman

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