Not as agreed - I fucked her and jerked off in the bathroom

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Published: 1513090699000
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Amar Fares

I met Amar tow days ago, I am very disappointed , she told me ( i have big dick & will give you a lot of spearm, massage, french kiss , rimming and more ) but when I arrived to her appartment near portemilio, I asked the girl sorry is Amar here , she said i,m Amar !!!! very different from her photos. I am sure she is profiessional in photoshop, any way I said ok I will suck on your huge cock and drink spearm , I lay down on my stomach and asked her for the massage, she asked 50$ extra I refused to pay so I tried to get french kiss which she denied, then she ordered me "suck my cock" , 17 or 18 cm , never get fully hard , then I fucked her ass before I jerk my cock off in the bathroom.

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yes she denied to do 69 and oral sex add to do what she promised me - she promissed to cum but she refused to do it

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A very bad meeting.

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10 december 2017 Kaslik

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Amar Fares

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