She is a horny hard-fucker

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Michelle Scherzinger

I called Michelle about 2 hours before meeting up.. arranged the meeting and she was ready on time..

She opened the door naked, showing her sexy and athletic body.. As soon as I get to her room she had a full hard on, She started kissing me and her tongue went deep into my throat, then she pushed her cock in my mouth. I asked for a condom first and she was fine with it.. after sucking her for a bit, she kissed me wildly again, and she wanted to fuck me. At the beginning it hurt a bit.. I asked her to slow down a bit, and sure enough she got her whole tool in.. and from there it was pure bliss.. she then asked me to fuck her and I did, she was hard the whole time, and she stopped her self from cumming since she wanted to top me again, which she did. I was under her and she was biting/kissing my back and shoulder, then licking my neck and ears.. she was WILD! and then asked where I wanted her cum while fucking me, I asked for her to finish on my chest and in a couple of minutes she did. I came a minute after, then we just laid on the bed in pure bliss for several minutes.. after that I took a quick shower, chatted a bit and left... awesome experience

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes totally

Did you get anything not on the menu?

I got all I asked for.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?


Time and place of the experience

Holland 2017

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Michelle Scherzinger*)

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*) Michelle Scherzinger is also known as: Maggi Scherzinger

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