She pounded my ass and squirted in my mouth and face

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Sabrina Morais

I met with Sabrina on the 27th of November 2017 in London. Arranging the appointment was straight forward as her English is good enough. As soon as I came in it was clear that I was in for a treat. After using the rest room quickly we started fooling around and I fondled her bulge which quickly stiffened up and turned into a big, thick, juicy girl cock. This thing is the biggest I've seen and was rock hard for the entire time I was with her. It's really as big as the pictures.

I sucked her off for a bit and she fucked my face aggressively, and then she wanted to eat my ass which I of course welcomed. I got on all fours and she ate my ass with real enthusiasm and passion, she tongue fucked me for a long time and it seems like she really loved it. I wanted to taste her ass as well but she desperately wanted to continue rimming me so we 69d for a while with me on top with our respective tongues in each other holes while making sure her tool was well lubricated and taken care of.

Then it was time for my little boipussy to get hammered, and boy did I get it. She quite quickly found her rhythm and started pounding my ass without mercy in various positions. It was so intense it felt like my prostate was going to explode at times. I had to pull away from her cock from time to time when she got too excited. She seemed to love fucking me and just wanted to keep fucking me with that rock hard cock of hers.

We took some breaks with sucking and rimming in between and I also fucked her a bit towards the end which she didn't seem to enjoy much. As a grand finale she kneeled by my face and jerked her cock off in my mouth and face as I was tongueing the head of her cock. As I was worried about taking her cum in my mouth and bringing something home to my wife I spit most of it out and rubbed it all over my face like a little whore. Otherwise I would easily have had her cum on a plate and watch me eat up every last drop and ask for more like the total cumslut I am. She then jerked off my cock and watched me cum all over my belly. Afterwards I was in amazement of the experience and more or less in shock. Even after getting dressed I couldn't remove the smile from my face and we had a little chat. As I was walking out I noticed her bulge and touched it a bit upon which it started getting hard again! She told me to get on my knees and suck it some more and of course I did what I was told. In her hallway I stuffed that massive tool to the back of my throat again and started stiffening up again myself. But it was time to go and I stumbled out into the London night with rosy cheeks trying to look as if I didn't just get fucked by a beautiful horny shemale with a massive cock.

Did she live up to your expectations?

She did and more. It was a great experience. My only feedback would be that I would have loved to French kiss her and would have preferred her cock and balls to be completely hairless. Her cock also smelled quite musky which I normally would not have liked, but she made me so horny I just took everything I got. If you want to be completely jack-hammered by a big cocked shemale, then look no further!

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Mutual rimming.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Not really. She doesn't list French kissing on her menu, but that was the missing thing for me.

Comment to the rating

Massive rock hard cock!

Time and place of the experience

London, 27th November, 2017.

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