Fuck me hard and fast

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I had to go to Hanover on business, I had previously visited her and wanted to visit her again. Spe responded to the Whatsapp and gave me ther prices (150460). So on to her in the Reitwallstrasse, the apartment was clean and tidy just like the toilet. The hour involves active as well as passive, but I only wanted to be passive. On the bed, she then gave me her already in the flaccid state considerable cock and I started to blow. It grew more and more and it also grew harder. She likes to push her cock deep in the throat, which did not succeed. After a round of Poppers it was better and it was a great feeling, after overcoming the gagging, I felt the stiffeners deep in the throat. Oral with her was natural, she always asked if everything was okay. Now it should go in my back door, she put on a rubber and took some gel and prepared me. Then she started slipping into me, at my request she always paused and gave me the opportunity to get used to it, but after that there was no stopping. I asked for a break, after the nice smalltalk it started again from the beginning. Conclusion: The stated dimensions are correct, she is clean and has great skin. She says she does not like to fuck slowly but prefers the fast and hard fucking. Fair dealing, threesome with other in-house TS is possible. I go back at the end of January.

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Hannover 2017

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Is in: Munich, Germany
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*) CHOKO RODRIGUES is also known as: Noemi Stephy, Noemi XXL Brazil and CHOKO BRAZIL XXL

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