Dominant Natasha, HUGE DICK.

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Natasha Lopes

Met Natasha In Lisbon, at her place. Opened the door for me wearing a over knee boots, sexy corset, with huge boobs i couldn't take my eyes of them. she is sexy as hell! she made me crawl inside into her bedroom, we kissed a bit and she ordered me to take of my clothes. She look too sexy. She made me lick her Long boots which was very Sexy, i was turned on so much by her long legs and sexy boobs but i felt something growing between her legs, I knew she had a big dick, but i was very thick i was afraid to take it in the beginning , she is very dominant she took my face in her hands and fucked my mouth, then she made me lick her balls it was too tasty. She stood on her bed and placed her foot on my back while putting the condom, I was a bit nervous as her cock is very thick and my ass was tight, she entered slowly till it got all in, then started to go faster and faster, i felt like a bitch while she her dick while sliding in and out, she gave me her foot to lick while pumping my ass. and then she sat back and made me crawl to come and ride her cock. i was a bit tough in the beginning but hell i enjoyed it so much later. Treated me like a slave , fucked me in different positions made me cum on my stomach and finally she busted her load on my face all creamy hot juicy. she sat back again to relax while i went to clean my face, then she followed me to the bathroom before i take a quick shower she told me i have a surprise for you and i enjoyed a hot golden shower while she was laughing. Afterward, she was relaxing on her Sofa and i came out she told me: bitch come crawl and kiss the Cock that owns you before leaving. I did and i left. i will definitely meet her again we became good friends she is very friendly, dominant and sexy

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Perfect Dominant Mistress

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Lisbon 2017

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Natasha Lopes

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