Very beautiful and sexyt!!  Almost too hot to handle!!

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Nicolly Schmitt

I was checking to see what talent was available.  I saw Miss Nicolly Schmitt advertisement, that her apartment was not too far away and was looking good!  I remembering she answered sweetly and had me come over shortly after. She was looking beautiful and welcomed me in lingerie.  After some small talk she had me get with her on her bed.  We undressed and started getting acquainted with her foxy body.  She had me suck her pretty tities.

She flipped her pussy-pole out of her panties and told me to "make it hard."  So I laid my face on her smooth sexy soft and silky thigh and started nursing on her cock.  It started growing and before long she had stood up with it sticking straight out several inches.  It seemed that she sensed that I aint the type of person to take it up the rear. 

Nicolly stepped up to me and had me get on my knees.  She grabbed my head in her hands and stuck her nice big stiff pussy-pole (cock) into my mouth.  She was fucking me very nicely in the mouth.  Her pussy-pole was so big that it would hit in the back of my mouth and bottom out.  It was too big to fit into my throat! 

Just glad she was able to get it to fit thru my teeth.  She fucked me for a long time, then pulled out and walked around with her pole flopping around.  Then she came back to me and stuck it back in and started fucking me again.  She only face fucked me for a few minutes this time.

I don't remember her juicing me, but it was still a very good time.  After she finished we sat and talked and she was very nice to me!  She asked me if I felt a certain way at my throat, which she was exactly right!  She knows a lot about fucking!  She must have a lot of admirers that can't deep throat her big pole. She was from the start a very beautiful, foxy / sexy, sweet and charming lady!!
If possible, I'd see her again!!

Did she live up to your expectations?

She lived up to my expectations, plus a lot more!!  There's many that don't, but she sure did!  From looking very beautiful and sexy, and her taking charge in such a great way!!  A great memory maker, that I will never forget!!!

Did you get anything not on the menu?

She offerd about everything, but I didn't go along with all of it.  I did get everything I wanted!  To have a first time marriage proposal!!  Which I would have certainly said yes, if it wasn't so complicated.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Well, I would of liked it if she could of juiced me in the mouth, but I was so mesmerized by her awesome face fucking, that I forgot to ask! 

Comment to the rating

Nicolly was more beautiful, sexy, sweet and horney then most of the "Specail" ladies!  She's definitely for those who love voluptuous "special" ladies that love to face fuck their boy friend! A great experience!! Thanks for the service Shemalewiki!

Time and place of the experience

A couple of years ago in Brussels, Belgium.

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Nicolly Schmitt*)

Is in: Balneário Camboriú, Brazil
Latest of 1 reviews: Very beautiful and sexyt!!  Almost too hot to handle!!

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*) Nicolly Schmitt is also known as: Nicky

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