Great attention to detail ! And the fuck of the century !

Review by: Kong x
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I made an appointment to meet Emma on whatsapp, I think it was a wednesday or thursday. She was quick to respond and insisted she prefers SMS or Whatsapp but no phone calls. She told me everything I needed to know via whatsapp since we had a problem earlier, receiving sms messages she sent to me and those that I sent to her.
I arrived at her apartment and I did as I was told in my sms before I arrived, so I took off my clothes and I placed them on the wall and lastly I also placed the money aside. she was fresh and I was fresh. The room had a nice smell and the only light we had was from a flat screen TV on the wall. Bright white light enough to see eachother and it made me so horny. She made me sit down on a chair under her domination tripod. but I was not here for domination, so she did not tie me up or anything
I was calm around Emma. I sucked her black cock and enjoyed it. it did not taste salty or have some type of taste, it was just amazing. she put me down on the couch, on my back and sucked my cock. she played with her tongue around my cock and balls, then she slowly went down to my ass. she licked my ass, my nipples became hard, my cock pointed up to the ceiling.
she then took me to her bed. we enjoyed a 69, in 2 different positions. we moved on to ass rimming or black kisses. she asked me to get on my knees and spread my legs. she licked up my ass as she used a finger on each of my nipples, by this time my penis was dripping with pre-cum.
she then asked my to lay down and spread my legs. she started finger play with my ass. she put a condom on her finger and gel, then slid her finger in. she pulled it out then slid two fingers in. she pulled them out then she pushed three fingers in. I could not believe it but I saw the reflection in the mirror on her wall, her hand was in.
I was given what I think was a body to body massage. very much needed massage. after this, she put her condom on. she smeared some lube onto it. she taught me how to take it in with no pain, I listened and after some time I did it. she took her time. finally she was in. she waited for some time. she did not fuck me immediately. she slowly pulled out, and added more gel. she waited again. finally she started moving slowly, back and forth and my oh my. my cock got so hard. it felt good. I liked it. she fucked me like I deserved. I was moaning with pleasure. she came in my mouth. she wiped her cock clean. she put a condom on again and got it into me as I lay on my back, legs up. she fucked me as she sucked on my cock and as she had her fingers on each of my nipples at the same time - best feeling ever - I am a man but I felt my body aroused. she finally kissed me as she fucked me - I could see myself in the mirror reflection getting fucked like a bitch. she then finally moved away and asked me to play with my cock. it ended with a huge load on my chest as she was inside me. she moved out on time. it was painless. five stars for prinsesse Emma

Did she live up to your expectations?

I was moaning so loud with pleasure :) - later I was afraid to walk out of her apartment and be seen

Did you get anything not on the menu?

I got attention to detail. She offered her full one hour package, am sure.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Nope !

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The best fuck ever ! But Emma does not have jugs or rather breasts !

Time and place of the experience

Rodovre Copenhagen Denmark 2017

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