Supberb domination experience

Review by: Merik
Published: 1510231500000
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TS Man Rammer

I visited Mistress Rammer earlier this week in her comfortable flat situated in a quiet area close to the Central Station.
After undressing and showering I was called in by the beautiful and sexy Mistress. She was dressed in a purple latex dress and thigh high boots, in a really kinky and dominant style.
She ordered me to the bedroom, on the floor, and put on a collar/leash, tied my hands on my back and secured to the collar, and finally put on nipple clamps. Then she presented me to her big, delicious cock and ordered me to suck. It quickly grew hard, and she pulled my head towards her, and the cock down my throat till I gagged and almost lost my breath. This continued for quite a while, until she commanded my to the bed, and she put on a gag. She then ordered me on my knees, lubricated and penetrated me with her big cock. It hurt like hell in the beginning and I almost cried. After a while it was less painful, but when she fucked fast and hard and was "all in" it still was almost unberable. She fucked me for a long while, and when she was about to come, ordered me on my back, took off the gag, and served her delicous cum direct from her juicy cock. Finally she took me to the bathroom where she pissed directly in my mouth.
After shower, we talked for q a while before it was time to leave

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes, definitely above expectations

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Highly recommended, far better than most ts dominas

Time and place of the experience

Oslo, November 2017

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TS Man Rammer

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