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Had seen her pictures a couple of times and decided she should be tried. Wrote to her early in the day and asked if she was free at 10:30, so I could just get out of work and get some fun. We agreed at 10:30, 1500 kr for 30 min. Quickly found her apartment and was let in immediately. She opened the door and let me in, gave me a big kiss and a squeeze on her dick. Nice and super nice apartment, very clean and smelled good. There was light and the music was dimmed. She welcomed me in high heels and g-string, so it was a nice and hot sight when she walked in front of me to the bed. We exchanged the money and I started taking off my clothes. She immediately started helping me and kissed me. When I was naked, I waited for her so I could snuggle her neck and feel her naughty ass. Kissed her back and her ass. Pull the g-string to the side and let the tongue play with her ass. She was clean and open so I fucked her with my tongue. She spread her butcheeks so I could really get in. When I had licked and played a little, she took me in my hand and asked me to lay on the bed so she could lick my now very stiff cock. At first she licked me and played my balls, and the midfielder and the ass got a treatment as well. She turned so I could also lick and play with her cock. It was beautifully stiff and tasted good, there was already a little pre-sperm on it. When we had a little time, I waited for her to kiss me. Was pleasantly surprised when she put her wet ass over my cock and slowly slid all the way down. She kissed wildly and naughty while she quietly rode me. It was very nice and she was very naughty, after a while she asked where she was going to spray when she was close to coming. I leaned back and she gave me her cock in my mouth so I could taste it again. she fucked my mouth while I had a finger in her ass. When she came she picked up her cock took it out of my mouth and sprayed on my chest and lips, I sucked it clean and she kissed me. Now she went again with my cock, it was sucked and played with, asked if I wanted a finger in the ass but she sighed. So she was playing my ass and sobbing until I came in a wild orgasm, I came in her mouth and on my belly. She continued to lick and suck until I was completely empty and clean. Kissed me again and asked if I wanted a bath, I was referred to a nice clean bathroom. Took a bath and put my clothes on again while I was taking clothes on we kissed and hugged. Was sent off nicely with a kiss and a squeeze on the dick. The best experience with a shemale :-)

Did she live up to your expectations?

She was even more naughty and seductive than her pictures.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Have not seen any list, but got everything I wanted :-)

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

I have not seen any list, but all I wanted I was allowed to :-)

Time and place of the experience

October 2017 København

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*) Carolina is also known as: Alejandra, Monica, Aprilia Marittima and Katy

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