Amazing time in Barcelona

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Alexandra Bittencourt

Meet her in Barcelona several years ago in her place I taook 2 hours. She is gorgeous huge boobs big cock, not tall maybe 173-174 cm. Give me hugs when I enter and deep kisses after paying, we moved on to her bedroom where I go on my knees and start sucking her cock, she fuck my mouth hard deep and also slap my face with her huge cock. After some time she told me "I will fuck you bitch". Put a pillow under my back and lay on top of me, she lubed my ass and slowly penetrate my ass. Hurt in the begininng but soon after I feel very good, she kis me and fuck me hard for a long time, then we move on to doggy . She hold my ass hard and fuck me deep feel her balls on mine and she slap my ass. After maybe 15 minutes she stop remove the condom and put her cock in my mouth and spray a huge cumshoot inside my mouth. it taste so good. Then we shower and I suck her under the shower. When we get back in the bedroom we start 69 with her on top after she get hard I sat on her huge cock and start ride while she jerk my cock. After a few minutes I cum on my stomach, I came quite hard so I shower once more. While I shower she talk on the phone and when I enter room she ask ne if her friend Pedro can join us , I never did it before but I notice him on her photos and I said ok. He came after 10 minutes, big muscle and a nice guy with a huge cock like Alex. I was on my knee and sucked both of them.Then Pedro start fucking me doggy as I suck Alex. He fucks me very hard, slam me deep and they change places a few times fucking my ass and I suck them both again. After half hour he push his cock in ny mouth and spray a huge load and she cum on my face. We then shower again all 3 together. I felt great then I pay for 2 more hours fetish clothes boots and so on we even try dp my ass was completely destroyed.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes she is amazing.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Yes lot of things

Did she deny you anything on her menu?


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Amazing best ever she is perfect

Time and place of the experience

Barcelona 2011

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Alexandra Bittencourt

Is in: Barcelona, Spain
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