Fabulous and hot Bianca in Amsterdam

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Bianca Rios Hills

I had to wait a long time in the street but it was worth it ! when She opened I saw such a beautiful girl that it was hard to believe she was a shemale. She is Exactly the same as on the first photos on the site. Beautiful hair, face, ass, tits,... Light, kisses, a drink, a shower and I found her laying on her side on the bed. This is when I discovered a huge dick pepping out her panties from behind. She took my hand, kissed me and then told me to suck her. I had to open my mouth wide to take it as it grows instantaneously and she started to fuck my mouth. This was only the beginning and we spent a wonderful hour, no rush, very sensual and hot. She is wonderfully active and sensually passive.
Bianca is beautiful, better in natural than on the photos and videos, very nice and charming.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Far more than expected

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Did she deny you anything on her menu?


Time and place of the experience

Amsterdam September 2017

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Bianca Rios Hills*)

Is in: Amsterdam, Netherlands
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*) Bianca Rios Hills is also known as: Barbara Hills and Barbara Todescato

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