Mr. Che and the gigantic cock

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very nice lady, met me at her apartment and offered a relaxing massage to start a conversation...
a magnificent body, although a little overweight, but still very beautiful, a big chest and a lovely belly...
I certainly saw her dick in the photo before, but could not imagine that he is such a huge size in reality!
when Aphrodite reached full erection,
according to my feelings her dick reached its maximum size and its weight was about 2 kilograms,
she used XXXXL condom for IT!
in my mouth I was able to put only 25% of the total size,
but the width and volume of the penis were more impressive !!! I've never seen such huge guns !!
I will visit her again at the earliest opportunity!!!

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everything fine!

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everything fine!

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She has a Cannon to compare with my Gun )))

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April 2017, Nürnberg

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Is in: Hamburg, Germany
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