The perfect blonde babe

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Diana Dias

I Met Diana last night, My first encounter with a transsexual.
I was blown away when she opened the door, she is the most beautiful girl I've ever had sex with. She is the perfect blonde babe, albeit with a big secret in her panties. I stumbled across the doorstep and was treated with a wet kiss - her soft feminine lips feel amazing.

We both undressed and she invited me to join her on the comfy bed. After making out for a while she made it clear that she wanted me to suck her big cock (and it is BIG).i tried my best - an amazing feeling having a cock in my mouth. She got rock hard, tried to make me take all of her cock.

We switched to a 69 - I almost came instantly when she started sucking me, but luckily before I came, she asked if she could try to fuck me. I was a bit scared at first and trembled as I said " yes, if you're careful". She got me down in doggie, lubed my ass, started out fingering me... and instructed me to jerk my cock, then she pressed her cock against my tight hole. A little bit of an unconfortable sensation at first, followed by immense pleasure as she got inside me. She started fucking me faster and was spreading my legs further and further apart, allowing her to fuck me deeper and deeper..

She pulled out got me down on my back. She dropped the condom and shortly thereafter shot her load all over me. Her cum was everywhere from my cock to the top of my head WOW...

I had trouble cumming,.... but she wouldn't give up... we made out while she was jerking my cock and fingering my ass. I was in heaven with my hands on her perfect ass.

All good things come to an end. After some more kissing, I hit the shower.
She really was in no hurry, and we talked for about 15 mins after my shower...

An amazing girl!!!

Diana, I hope you change your mind and come back to Copenhagen very soon.

Did she live up to your expectations?

She more than lived up to my expectations. She offers the best girlfriend experience to first-timers like myself.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

We just did whatever we felt like... I wasn't informed of any menu

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

We did whatever we felt like.

Comment to the rating

She is the perfect blonde babe.....and she is the sweetest girl - with a naughty side.

Time and place of the experience

Copenhagen, 9th October 2017

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*) Diana Dias is also known as: Daiani Dias

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