Jill ploved my tight ass

Review by: Mattias
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I arrived at Jill's hotel room on Victoriagade (up Vesterbrogade) in the evening to relieve a little guilty pleasure of mine; feminization. I had agreed with her beforehand so there were no problems with it. She looks great and although you can see that some of her pictures are a bit old, she is still very hot. She was wearing some black lingerie with rings, which I certainly found appealing. I had seen that she was from Germany, so I used the opportunity to speak German with her. Although her English was definitely good, the German just opened up for something more. She has a big dick around the 20cm fully erect, which my throat felt to the point of gagging. After some makeup and a full set of lingerie, she completely messed up all the makeup with her tongue and dick. Then she plowed my ass for several rounds, she obviously is experienced with tight holes, so there was no real pain, just pleasure. The only downside was that she could not maintain the hardness for a very long time (although it quickly recovered). It is fully understandable when the woman has been running a full schedule all day. She compensated well in different ways. All in all, an excellent experience - however, she costs a little more than the other girls. But In my opinion, she is worth it

Did she live up to your expectations?

Certainly, she had a courtesy and closeness one can definitely appreciate

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

No she was very accommodating

Comment to the rating

Despite the fact that the cock was only stiff some of the time she was amazing. I came as a waterfall all over her.

Time and place of the experience

20th of september 2017 Vesterbro

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Is in: Munich, Germany
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*) Jill is also known as: Ts Jil Goddess

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