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Finally I met this beautiful girl in Frankfurt, in her apartment, during my business trip.
Met me in a beautiful underwear and black panties without a bra...
tall, with a beautiful sporty body and magnificent velvet skin)))
She told me that I'm not limited in time and everything will be as I wish, from these words I got even more horny than before!!
Then we undressed and pleasant music did its job. Earlier I was afraid that such a beautiful girl would have a small or not a hard tool, because on the web I could not find any photos without underwear... But I was lucky! When Loulou took off her panties, between her legs and flaunted, growing with every second a beautiful, straight leather microphone)))
I hugged her from the back and saw our reflection in the mirror and was amazed by the beauty of Loulou, I took her cock in my hand and realized that the penis is almost like mine or even a little thicker, and much stiffer than my hook and of course a couple of fingers longer...I started to stroke it with my hand....
That evening I was on top and we changed between many positions ....
Loulou came up on my chest in a riders position, and after the doggy position I spilled my milk on her breast, as it was requested))))

I will definitely be back next time!

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More than I expected!!

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One of the best caucasian shambles I have ever met

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Frankfurt, August 2017

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Ist in: Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland
Neueste von 15 Bewertungen: She is the best shemale in Frankfurt!

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