Very very thick cock, great look

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Bruna Canaan

Saw Bruna in Sydney in 2015. Looked exactly like the photos. After the payment she quickly hurried me in to get washed, and even washed my cock for me, at first I thought she was trying to rush, but realized she was really into it and wanted to get things started.

Bruna seemed very enthusiastic about sucking my cock and being very attentive to my needs, occasionally letting me suck her cock.

After she rode me until I came, we layed down together and spooned, she let me know that she was very much enjoying it and that she like me very much, this led into another session of her riding me until I came again.

After laying down together some more I decided I wanted to be fucked, so she obliged, unfortunately it was way to thick and extremely painful, so eventually she stopped because I was being too loud.
Her cock is very impressive, and very thick.

After layit down and making out for a while I fucked her once more and left. I got the feeling she didn't want me to leave but she did have another appointment so I had to go.

Would definitely see bruna again.

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Sydney 2015

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Bruna Canaan

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Latest of 2 reviews: Very very thick cock, great look

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