Very very thick cock

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Met Christina at an apartment in surfers, the apartment was nice, clean and hygienic, Christina looked exactly like her photos.

After the Necessity's and a shower we got into it on the bed, some making out, she genuinely seemed to enjoy it. After some groping and rubbing my cock, she started to suck it.

After a great head job and a little bit on anal play she took of her lingerie and revealed a very very thick and impressive cock, almost the thickness of an average mans wrist.

After some 69 in which I almost struggled to get it in my mouth without using teeth, and she happily did some more anal play while sucking away, then I layed down and she tried to work that monster into my ass but unfortunately it was just too big, so we had to improvise and she simulated it by fucking the gap around my balls and legs.

After doing this for a while she jumped up and came with a sizeable load into my mouth, after some talking for a while we started again, we still couldn't make it fit so she fingered my ass while sucking me until I came hard.

Next time I go back I think I'll make sure I'm ready.

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Surfers Paradise 2017

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