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Diana Dias

I met her around noon on a Saturday and it was the best experience with a ts thus far!
When she opened the door in front of me I was stunned by her looks. She was really beautiful and curvy in the right places. She greeted me with a sexy kiss and then pressed her amazing ass agains my instantly hard cock. She was wearing sexy lingerie.
So I took a quick shower and when I came out from the bathroom she was waiting for me in the bed naked. I kinda hoped she would still wear the sexy lingerie 'cos I love the looks and the feeling of them, but anyway she was smoking hot.
I then lay in the bed beside her and started to suck her soft but hardening cock, it was maybe 17-18 cm, but just perfect for me. She began to press my head deeper on her cock and made me keep that in. I asked for a little domination and she provided it and she knew when to stop before I would puke. I sucked and licked her breast for a while and then we went for a 69 and GOD it was amazing. She deepthroated me on time to time and I was literally tearing up, but I loved it.
Then she asked do I want her to fuck me and of course I said yes. She went for doggy style and started slowly pushing her cock inside me. After a while she started to pound me faster and I was liking it more and more. I was trying not to touch my on dick 'cos I knew I would come straight away. To my surprise I came without even touching my penis while she was fucking me. After the seconds of ecstasy it became a bit uncomfortable and we agreed to stop. After that we cuddled a bit and I sucked her more, now it was gentle and calm. It was a shame that I didn't have more time and she said if I want to come another time she wants to cum. I then took a quick shower and we talked for couple of minutes and I had to leave.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes, more.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

No, but I was hoping for pictures of me sucking her or her fucking me.

Comment to the rating

Great service! I will go again if my wallet has some balance.

Time and place of the experience

5.8.2017 Oulu,Finland

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Diana Dias*)

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*) Diana Dias is also known as: Daiani Dias

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