Pretty gand funny girl, that gave me what I deserved

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Miss Tina

I saw her maybe a year ago in Aarhus in a really bad place.

Really bad. A place where there was like a curtain between your room and a hall way leading out to a traditional massage place with a cash register and people coming in for a neck massage.

How I got hard there feeling so uncomfortable?

The girl I guess. She's really pretty. Even nicer than she looks in her pictures. Good to talk to and also pretty funny.

She told me she could not cum and then I read a lot of reviews that she came a lot. Got a little annoyed until I remembered that I did some pretty hard price negotiation. Why waste it on a cheap guy?

So after a year I'll give her five stars and the place 0 stars. The place was not her fault, so it will be 5 stars but never go to Grønnegade.It is not a nice place.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Looking back yeah. She did.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

A few laughs. She didn't promise that but she delivered it

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Cum, but i was a cheap price negotiating ass so that's fair.

Comment to the rating

Extremely pretty

Time and place of the experience

Aarhus around juli/august 2016. I remember not wearing a jacket so it was summer :-)

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Miss Tina*)

Is in: Århus, Denmark
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*) Miss Tina is also known as: Anni Wallén, Anucha Wannachat, Ladyboy Tina, Maria, Nuchi and Sasha De Lish

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