Amazing domination with 2 big cocks.

Review by: Valavanidis
Published: 1501950681000
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Angelina Brasil

Second time in 3 days that I meet Angelina and Isabella bigcock.
They rape me again so fucking hard. I was their slut for 1 hour. I entered the
door and they waited there with latex clothes and thigh high boots with high heels.
My heart was pounding away. Isabella grabbed me and forced me to suck
her big cock while Angelina waited for her turn. They told me to get on my knees
and follow them into the bedroom. They slapped me and spit in my face all the time.
Many times. And when I was in the room and tried to take off my clothes, Isabella
put a condom on and fucked me so strong while I was sucking Angelina's big cock.
My ass was pounded so hard by them, and in the end they came in my face.
Angelina first shoot it and then the hugest load. The real river of cum! Isabella came all over my face. I coudn't see anything. I took a shower and then I left the place.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Both Angelina and Isabella were seductive and super active on me.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

No, I get everything on the menu. And they tried to do double penetration on me, but I can't take 2 big cocks in my ass.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Everything was included.

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Wonderful time

Time and place of the experience

Early afternnon in Athens August 2017

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Angelina Brasil

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