She emptied her cum into my eager mouth

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Madame Dita

I managed to meet up with Madame Dita for a second time when I was back in Stockholm on business. And again she didn't disappoint.
Entering the dimly lit apartment, she stood tall before me in all her spender. She commanded me to disrobe and kneel at her feet in the prepared play area. Kissing and licking her boots from tip to heel via the underside, I made certain that they were spotlessly clean. My reward was to work my way up to her beautiful clit and then back down to the other boot.
I had clearly impressed as I was permitted to take her clit wholly into my mouth and suck her until she was hard. Then she continued to fuck my mouth and throat.
After an age, Madame decided she would play with my ass, probing with her fingers and stretching my hole. I wasn't prepared and she decided I wasn't going to be fucked in the ass, but she would take her pleasure with my mouth again, which I greedily accepted.
Madame asked if I was ready, she then emptied all of her cum into my mouth and made certain that I had swallowed it all, without wasting a drop.
I was then made to clean up and dismissed.

Did she live up to your expectations?

As always, though I was sorry that I hadn't prepared as I should.

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Did she deny you anything on her menu?


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A fine lady to serve

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Stockholm, June 2017

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*) Madame Dita is also known as: Madame TS

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