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Review by: Jyden
Published: 1499622252000
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Miss Tina

I finally got the opportunity to visit Miss Tina after she moved to Copenhagen. I called and after some attempts I finally got hold of her and I met at the address in Vanløse about an hour later. When I came in, she recognized me right away, since I had visited her a few times when she was in Jutland. So the reception was with kisses and hugs and lots of smile. I lay in bed and after a short moment Tina came in naked and with a stiff and hard cock. She began to massage me calmly on my shoulder and neck and down my back - as she moved up and down her lovely cock slid up and down between my buttocks, wauw it was naughty. Finally she began to concentrate on massaging the buttocks and thighs and her fingers of course hit my tight hole more and more often. Then she started kissing the buttocks and licking them and the tongue moved down against my tight hole. And here there was kissed and licked extensively, the tongue danced around the hole and into it, and she kept saying she loved my lovely tight ass. After some time of rimming she straightened up and said that I should now be ready to get thouroughly fucked, I lifted the ass and spread my buttocks a little and she grabbed my hips and pushed herself up, careful and quietly at first, but it quickly became deeper and harder and rougher. It became faster and the I got the best pounding tever - fuck it was so delicious - after some time she said that now she would come soon and pulled herself up and sat up close to my head and pushed her cock in. I sucked and sucked the best I had learned and then she came so it sprayed in my mouth. She pulled me up towards to her and we hugged and I gave her some of her own sperm back when we kissed. Then she turned around and pulled my leg over my head, pushed a few fingers up in my ass and licked the dick while she rubbed it hard. Just before I came she pulled away and I sprayed in cascades all over my head and in my mouth. Tina took the sperm and drove it into my mouth. In the end she washed me clean and we lay down and hugged and kissed each other. When we said goodbye after a about an hour, we agreed that it would not take so long before I came by again

Did she live up to your expectations?

More that that - she is simply super hot and sweet.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

My experience is that she does not have a menu with things evolving according to the visitor and how she feels for them.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?


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She is, as I said a world class escort, sexy and nice and always in a very good mood very smiling.

Time and place of the experience

June 2017 Vanløse

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*) Miss Tina is also known as: Anni Wallén, Anucha Wannachat, Ladyboy Tina, Maria, Nuchi and Sasha De Lish

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