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Agreed to meet Nicolitta - Lana on a belgian website - at her appartment in Brussels. Was directed by text messages to het 1st floor flat in St Josse, a rather gloomy part of town.

To start on a positive note: she is the girl from the adverts and actually looks stunning. Speaks good English. She did however make a tired, lacklustre impression. Asked me if in wanted a drink, but as it turned out she had nothing on offer but a glass of tap water.

Financial details were arranged and she asked what I wanted to do. Asked to start with a blowjob. She sat on the sofa, took off het dress to show me her nice boobs that I was allowed to touch and her cock that she would not let me touch. Put me on a condom but started a footjob instead of a blowjob. First protected footjob i've ever had. It was clear she was not planning to give a blowjob. Tried to engage in a conversation to establish a link but was met with short uninterested answers.

Left the place after 20 minutes. Disillusioned.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Not at all.

Did you get anything not on the menu?


Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Yes. There was hardly sexual contact. Nor personal contact for that matter

Comment to the rating

Either she had a very bad night, or she simply hates what she's doing.

Time and place of the experience

Brussels, June 10th, 11pm

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Is in: Brussels, Belgium
Latest of 2 reviews: Very good looking

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*) Nicolitta is also known as: Kouki

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